Best Three Economists2011-2013

The change of regime that took place in Iraq in 2003 opened a valuable opportunity for Iraq to flourish and grow economically and to change from a centralized economic system to market based system. In turn, this has encouraged Iraqi economists to further ideas and policies to elevate the current economic situation of Iraq for the interest of the nation. To appreciate, acknowledge and honor their contributions, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform announces its yearly award.
This prize will be awarded to the top three contributors to economic growth in Iraq between 2011-2013 based on their intellectual and analytical contribution, the development of a specific project or their leading to a specific sector.
For the transparency and inclusivity of the process, please nominate three personalities that you recognize worthy of this award.
The three winners will be awarded in a ceremony hosted by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform. Note that the deadline is  1 / 9 /2013.

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