Forthcoming Events

List of the forthcoming projects to be implemented by the institute:

     1- A Seminar on the
High Education Strategy and the Federal Budget 17/8/2013 more details Click Here
     2- A WorkShop on The Implementation of Projects Delay: The Legal Side 21/9/2013 more details Click Here
A Seminar on The Economic Reform Law 10/10/2013 more details Click Here
     4- A WorkShop on The Federal Budget 02/11/2013 more details Click Here
5- A WorkShop on The Role of the Provinces in the New Orientations of the Basket Food 04/11/2013 Click Here
     6- A WorkShop on The Coming Election and Iraqi Economy 28/12/2013 more details Click Here 
7- A Seminar on Iraq's Oil Industry After Ten Years Challenges and Achievements 01/02/2014 Click Here 
A WorkShop on The Oil Crisis Between The Federal Government and Kurdistan Region 25/01/2014 Click Here
     9- A WorkShop on The Federal Budget 2014 15\02\2014 Click Here
     10- A Seminar on The Oil Crisis Between The Federal Government and Kurdistan Region 18/02/2014 Click Here
     11- A WorkShop on The Role of Competencies in the Next Government  19\04\2014 Click Here
     12- A WorkShop on The Health Situation in Iraq after the change "Achievements and Challenges" 10\05\2014 Click Here
     13- A Seminar on The Towards a Prosperous Economy in Iraq: The Role of Science & Technology 7/06/2014 Click Here
     14- A WorkShop on The The Next Government Program 6/09/2014 Click Here
     15- A Seminar on The Civil Society Organizations: its role to achieve “Good Governance” 15/11/2014 Click Here
     16- A WorkShop on The Federal Budget 2015 and Rationalization of Public Spending 06/12/2014 Click Here
     17- A WorkShop on The Role of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in the Current Economic Crisis 03/01/2015 Click Here
     18- A WorkShop on The The People Writes Government's Program 10/01/2015 & 24/01/2015 Click Here
     19- A Seminar on The Crisis of Oil Revenues and the Implications of Terrorism and Political Debates 25/01/2015 Click Here

     20- A WorkShop on Budget transparency:Entrance For Good Governance  04/04/2015 Click Here
     21- A Seminar on The Mixed Sector and its Role in Development and Economic Evolution 13/06/2015 Click Here
     22- A Seminar on Decentralization and the Challenges of Application
     23- A WorkShop to Discuss the Baghdad Law 12/08/2015
     24- A WorkShop to Discuss the Baghdad Law 22/08/2015
     25- A Training Course on Designing and Programming Websites In the Baghdad Provincial Council building 24-27/08/2015
     26- A Training Course on the Mechanism of Fiscal Spending in Government Departments 17-20/08/2015
     27- A Seminar on Strategy to Activate the Private Sector
     28- A Seminar on Reform of Public Companies
     29- A Seminar on Banking Reform
     30- A Seminar on Policies Necessary for the Advancement of Public Services (in collaboration with the Committee of Parliamentary Services)
     31- A Seminar on Decentralized Good Governance (with the Committee of the Regions parliamentary and provincial)

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