About IIER

 Our MissionrThe Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform is an independent, non-partisan research institute based in Baghdad. Our mission is to assist Iraq in its transition to a modern market economy by promoting reform based on sound research and case studies. Assist in the development of citizenâ&euro&trades role in society.rIraq receives significant amount of aid from governments, international organizations as well as revenue from its natural resources. Therefore it is crucial that allocation of fund and use of resources managed at its optimal levels.  Our institute provides independent and reliable data and analysis about the state of Iraq economy, through the provision of information and promoting vigorous public debate among all stakeholders.rCombining expertise to address key economic issuesrThe government, private sector and international organizations need accurate statistics and a critical assessment of the performance of the economy. In addition, there is a particular need for shaping the public and political debate, for example: whether to continue, abolish or modify the monthly food ration whether and at what pace to privatize State Owned Enterprise (SOE)?  IIERâ&euro&trades role is to conduct research, stimulate discussions and conduct the debate among economists, other professions, experts, academics and businesses, on the national and international levels, to address such challenges. At the same time inform the general public on such matters and the economic reform agenda as whole.
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