Project management and assessment of needs

In partnership with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Iraqi institute for Economic reform has conducted a 4 day training workshop on Project management and assessment of needs. The focus of the workshop was to develop awareness of the concept of project management particularly in procurement, IT, Business and Business process improvement. More than 25 senior managers from the three provinces of KRG have attended the workshop where serious and fruitful discussion took place.

A general assessment of the current challenges facing engineers in KRG took place.
Weaknesses and strengths were identified through the use of a questioner developed by IIER for this purpose within which a senior engineers and manager can improve the completion of projects.
The investigation was based on the three phases of the planning cycle i.e. planning stage (prior to the financial year), tendering stage and the execution stage.

As an outcome of this workshop, the trainees were able to clearly identify the challenges facing projects implementation in KRG and potential recommendations and solutions were discussed where clear understanding of moving forward was developed

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