Training Basrah Governorate Council using PROBE

IIER has successfully completed training Governorate Council using PROBE. The PROBE for Public Service model is based upon more than a decade of applied research that began with the findings of a ground-breaking best practice study conducted during the 1990s by Professors Chris Voss, Aleda Roth and Richard Chase.

It assessed the management practices of individual service organisations and the resulting indicators of performance outcomes. The study highlighted the importance of customer retention, finding that in some sectors a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to as much as 100% improvement in business performance.

It also found that the key reasons for customer disloyalty are associated with poor service recovery, discontent setting in if the customer has to deal with more than one person to get action and if the resolution takes an excessive amount of time. By contrast the intention to repurchase by a customer who has experienced excellent service recovery is almost as high as if nothing had gone wrong. The study also found that organisations that enjoy high customer satisfaction and loyalty also enjoy high employee satisfaction and loyalty.

For more information please download the full training report

Completion of phase II of Al Basrah Training Program

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