Simulation Training (S.E.N.S.E)

IIER conducted SENSE training (2005-2007) with the support of USIP in Iraq. This was done with significant success to member of Central Government, Iraqi  Parliaments, Provincial Councils, Kurdistan Parliament and the private sector. More than 800 decision makers were trained. IIER has been recongnised by USIP (United Stated Institute of Peace) and other international institutions as the only NGO which has successfully administered SENSE, anywhere in the world.

SENSE (Strategic Economic Needs & Security Simulation Exercise) is a virtual environment that may be used to provide participants with strategic insights, opportunities for creative problem solving, the simulation provides a multi-disciplinary framework for time -sensitive decision making aimed at building political stability, social justice and foundation for economic progress. Participants must integrate economic, political, social and military challenges, develop and act on decision options, and test crisis action plans.


This is computerized training. It covers issues such as market economy based system, econometric techniques and other quantitative analysis (e.g. working input output analysis). The course and be customize to suit customer needs.

Private Sector:

IIER developed special training to empower private sector to interact with other sectors and improving their business opportunities. The course covers buying and selling shares.


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