Discuses Draft of 2006 Investment Law


IN June 2006, IIER organized a workshop on the new draft of 2006 Investment Law. Its aim was to explore participant views on the development of the draft, which was under consideration by of members of parliament. The participants were from private sector, academic and government officials.

During the meeting a comprehensive discussion and analysis had been provided it. The effect of the discussions forward to member of the parliament, which have resulted in accepting and modifying the draft as below.

Workshop’s Studies and papers:

·         قراءة في مسودة القانون العراقي للاستثمار , الدكتور كمال البصري

·         مجلة العراق للاصلاح الاقتصادي – عدد خاص عن قانون الاستثمار في العراق

·         مقارنة بين قوانين الاستثمار في العراق ومصر والاردن

·         Al-Sabah newspaper article on the workshop

The Investment Law:

·         Investment Law Arabic version

·         Investment Law English version

Attendees’ Comments:

·         Dr. Ali Al-Dabagh

·         Prof. Mustafa Al-Shawi, Professor in Salford university

·         Basim Antoon, Private sector

·         Department for International Development DFID









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