Discuss Oil and Gas Investment Law

IIER Held a policy paper workshop on the 10th of March 2009 on the subject oil and Gas reform, it was attended by over 60 participants and discussed the Iraqi Oil and Gas Investment Law.

The Key speakers of this workshop were:

  1. Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani: Iraq's Minister of Oil
  2. Dr. Kamal Al-Basry: previous Deputy Minister for the ministry of Finance and Currently the special advisor for the Prime Minister on Economic reform
  3. Dr. Thamir Al-Gadban: Ex-Minister of Oil and currently the Head of the prime ministers special advisors
  4. Sinan AlShibibi: governor for the Iraqi Central Bank

The participants were members of parliament, Executive Government members, Private sector representatives, Academics and others.

After the speakers presented there material and explained the law questions were took from the participants and answered by the speakers.

The participants appreciated the information that was presented and suggested that another meeting should be held in the very near future to allow more matured debate to take place on this issue.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Kamal Al-Basry by request from the Minister of Oil Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani

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