Iraq’s federal budget for 2009


On 10 January 2009, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its first monthly public policy seminar entitled ‘Assessing Iraq’s Federal Budget for 2009’. The event was attended by a wide range of experts, including economists, government officials, members of Iraq’s Council of Representatives, members of NGOs and international organisations, and foreign embassy officials.

The event included presentations from the following experts:

- Dr. Haider Al-Abadi : Chairman of the Finance Committee,Council of Representatives;
- Dr. Mehdi Al-Hafidh: Member of Council of Representatives;
- Dr. Abdul Hassan Al-Anbaki: Prime Minister’s economic advisor;
- Dr. Ahmed Brahi: Deputy Governor, Iraqi Central Bank;
- Dr. Mudhier Kasim: Advisor, Iraqi Central Bank;
- Dr. Faiek Abdul Rasoul: Advisor, Ministry of Planning

Discussions focussed on critically assessing the proposed budget for 2009, proposals for reducing unnecessary expenditure, and developing new initiatives to finance government projects.

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