Developing Iraq's Oil and Gas Industry

On 07 February 2009, the Iraqi Institute fo Economic Reform held its second monthly public policy seminar entitled "Developing Iraq's Oil and Gas Industry". The event was attended by a wide range of experts, including economists, government officials, members of Iraq's Council of Reoresentatives, members of NGOs and international organasations, an foreign embassy officials.

The event included presentations from the following experts:

    - Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani, Minister of Oil
    - Dr. Wael Abdul Latif, Member of Council of Representatives

    - Dr. Ahmed Al-Shamaa, Deputy of Oil Minister

Discussions focussed on critically assessing the proposed oil and gas law, methods for improving the management of oil production, and strategies for attracting foreign investment.

Seminar's Studies:

    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri study -Download-

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