Developing Iraq's Housing Sector

On 11 April 2009 the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its third public policy seminar on 'Developing Iraq's Housing Sector'. Participants included officials from the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Human Rights, members of the Council of Representatives, specialists from the US embassy, and academics.

The event included presentations from the following experts:

    - Dr. Thair Al-Faily - Economist
    - Mr. Estabraq Al-Shawk - Ministry of Construction and Housing
    - Dr. Basim Al-Ansari - Housing Planning Expert
    - Dr. Ikram Abdul Aziz - National Investment Commission

Discussions focussed on the need for accurate statistics outlining the number of housing units required over the next five years and strategies for meeting these requirements. Many experts noted the critical role of the private sector in developing the housing sector and strategies for public-private partnerships were proposed.

Seminar's Studies and Papers:

    - Dr. Istabrik Al-Shouck Study -Download-
    - Dr. Basim Al-Ansari Study - Download-
    - Dr. Ekram Abdul Aziz -Download-

Comments and articles on the seminar:

    - Mr. Basim Antoon, Private Sector -Download-.
    - Eng. Haider Gazzala, Private Sector -Download-
    - Dr. Istabrik Al-Shouck -Download-
    - Dr. Kamal Al-Saffar, Baghdad Investment Committee -Download-
    - Mrs. Kawakib Al-Attar, Iraqi NGO -Download-
    - Mr. Reyadh Al-Saffar, Private Sector -Download-

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