Evaluating Iraq's Banking Reform Policies

On 16 May 2009 the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its fourth public policy seminar on 'Evaluating Iraq's Banking Reform Policies'. Participants included officials from the Iraqi Central Bank, government officials, specialists from the US embassy, and academics.

The event included presentations from the following experts:

    - Dr. Muthar Salih - Advisor to the Iraqi Central Bank
    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri - Iraq Institute for Economic Reform
    - Dr. Majid Al-Sori - Banking expert, Iraqi Central Bank
    - Dr. Waleed Abdul Nabi - Member of Restructuring Review Committee, Iraqi Central Bank.

Discussions focused on mechanisms for enhancing financial services and policies for assisting domestic investment.

Seminar's Studies :

    - Dr. Muthar Salih, Central Bank of Iraq -Download-
    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri -Download- 
    - Dr. Majid Al-Sori -Download-
    - Dr. Waleed Addul Nabi -Download-

Comments & Recommendations :

    - Mr. Basim Anton's comments -Download-
    - Mr. Ghazi Abdul Wahab's comments -Download-
    - Mr. Mohamed Sharef's comments -Download-
    - Mr. Qais Al-Zubaedi's comments -Download-

Newspapers' articles about the seminar:-

    - Al Mada newspaper, issue 1510 -Download-

To read the seminar's final recommendations, please click here

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