Financing and Implementing Public Projects: Private and Public Partnerships PPP

On 13 June 2009 the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its fifth public policy seminar on 'Financing and Implementing Public Projects: Private and Public sector partnerships '. Participants included officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, Iraqi Ministry of Finance, government officials, specialists from the US embassy, and academics.

The event included presentations from the following experts:

    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri - Iraq Institute for Economic Reform
    - Afif Al-Ries - Advisory Centre for Public Contracts

Discussions focused on proposed schemes they could enhance the delivery of public projects including Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT).

Seminar's Studies:

    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri -Download-
    - Dr. Afif Al-Raes -Download-

Comments & Recommendations:

    - Dr. Afif Al-Raes & Dr. Amer Al-Jawahri's comments -Download-
    - Miss June Reed's comments -Download-
    - Dr. Ala Hatem's comments -Download-

Newspapers' articles about the seminar:

    - Al-Sabah newspaper, issue 1707 -Download-
    - Al-Sabah newspaper, issue 1713 -Download-
    - Al-Sabah newspaper, issue 1713, page 2 -Download-

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