Assessing the Federal Budget of 2009 and the Strategic Vision of 2010-2014

On 8 August 2009, IIER held its monthly public policy seminar on "Assessing the Federal Budget of 2009 and the Strategic Vision of 2010-2014". Discussion focussed on the effects of the global financial crisis on Iraq, and legislative issue related to developing a 5-year strategic plan for the federal budget.
The seminar featured presentations from the following experts:

    - Dr. Muthar Salih - Advisor to the Iraqi Central Bank
    - Dr. Abdul Hussain Al-Anbaki - Economics advisor, PM's advisory Committee
    - Dr. Amera Al-Baldawi - Member of Council of Representatives's Economics Committee
    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri - Iraqi Instutitute for Economic Refrom
    - Dr. Falah Al-Ameri - Economist, Ministry of Oil
    - Mr. Abdullah Al-Bandar - Advisor, Council of Ministers
    - Mr. Ammar Mousa - Economics division, Ministry of Oil

Seminar's Studies:

    - Dr. Muthar Salih -Download-
    - Dr. Abdul Hussain Al-Anbaki -Download-
    - Dr. Amera Al-Baldawi -Download-
    - Dr. Kamal Al-Basri -Download-
    - Dr. Falah Al-Ameri -Download-
    - Mr. Abdullah Al-Bandar -Download-
    - Mr. Ammar Mousa -Download-

Newspapers' Article about the Seminar:

    - Al-Sabah newspaper, Issue no. 1748 -Download-

To read the seminar final recommendations, Please click HERE

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