Evaluating Iraq's Monetary Policy

On 31 October 2009, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its monthly public policy seminar entitled, "Evaluating Iraq's Monetary Policy". The seminar focused on effoets by the Iraqi Central Bank to reduce inflation, and mechanisms to coordinate monetary and economic policies in order to enhance growth and stability in Iraq.
Delegates included members of Iraq's Council of Representatives, government officials, economist, and representatives from NGOs.

    - Dr. Thuraya Al-Khazraji - Baghdad University, Faculty of Management and Economics
    - Dr Ahmed Al-Burahi - Deputy Governor of Iraqi Central Bank
    - Mr. Riyadh Obaid Saudy - Deputy Chairman of Iraqi Stock Exchange Market

Seminar's Studies:

    - Dr. Thuraya Al-Khazraji -Download-
    - Dr Ahmed Al-Burahi -Download-
    - Mr. Riyadh Obaid Saudy -Download-

Newspapers' Articles about the Seminar:

    - Al-Sabah newspaper, issue no. 1817 -Download-
    - Al-Sabah newspaper, issue no. 1816 -Download-

The seminar's final recommendations are available in Arabic and  English

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