Financing Infrastructure Projects in Iraq

On 21 November 2009, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a conference in conjunction with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) entitled “Financing Infrastructure Projects in Iraq”.

The conference began with an overview of IIER’s activities by Dr Hamid Ahmed, followed by a presentation from OECD’s Mena program representative June Reed.

The first session focused on developing a needs assessment on Iraq’s infrastructure and featured a presentation by Deputy Prime Minister Rafi Al-Issawi’s economic adviser, Dr Shakir Salman.
The second session, which discussed international instruments to finance infrastructure projects, featured a presentation by oil expert Dr Hussein Al-Chalabi, on opportunities for international and regional financial institutions.
This was followed by a presentation on the role and experience of the Japanese government in infrastructure development in Iraq, presented by the Japanese ambassador, Takahashi Mutoyoki.
The third session focused on models of private sector participation in infrastructure development, led by Dr Hussein Al-Chalabi, who touched on public-private partnerships (PPP), and Zoe Hensbey, who spoke about the World Bank’s support for PPP infrastructure projects in Iraq.
The final presentation was delivered by Michael Kilibrand, who spoke on developing infrastructure through dedicated areas of economic development.

Studies of the conference :

    - Concept and Background to Public Private Partnership (PPP), Dr. Mustafa Al-Shawi
    - Public Private Partnership (PPP), Dr. Kamal Al-Basri
    - Options for Infrastructure Financing Regional and International Funding Agencies, Dr. Husain Al-Chalabi
    - Japan's Role and experience in Infrastructure Development in Iraq, Motoyuki Takahashi
    - HSBC Bank Presentation.
    - Government Role in Private Participation in Electricity sector, Motoyuki Takahashi
    - The Way forward for Iraq securing Funds and Investor for Infrastructure projects, Dr. Husain Al-Chalabi
    - World Bank Support to PPP, Zoe Hensby
    - Infrastructure Development and Financing through Economic Development Zones, Michael Gillibrand
    - Infrastructure Financing Working Group, Generating economic development for Iraq
    - National Innovation Systems.
    - STIP Review of Iraq, Committee of MOU with UNCTAD
    - Feasibility Study of Business Development Zones in Iraq

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