Rehabilitating State-Owned Enterprises in Iraq

On 26 December 2009, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform organised a public policy seminar entitled "Rehabilitating State-Owned Enterprises in Iraq".
The Speakers focused on the industrial sector, in particular, those sectors that stimulate economic activity, in view of their ability and capacity to contribute towards economic growth.

Dr. Emad Abdul Latif - Lecture in economics in Baghdad University, focused on a proposed strategy for rehabilitating SOEs in the industrial sector.
Mr. Munqidh Abdul Jabar - Advisor to the Minister of Industry and Minerals, focused on achieving genuine industrial growth, which plays an active role in the national economy, the administration of the industrial process, and its contribution to the industrial philosophy of Iraq.
Dr. Abdul Hassan Al-Shammary - Head of the Iraqi Industrial Union, focused on an emergency plan to release the existing potentials that are not being utilized, and to active the existing sectors through industrial growth programs.

Seminar's Studies

    - Dr. Emad Abdul Latif -Download-
    - Dr. Abdul Hassan Al-Shammary -Download-

The seminar's final recommendations are available for download in Arabic and  English .

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