Strategies and challenges to develop the Shatt Al-Arab and Marshes

On 3 April 2010, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a public policy seminar entitled, “Strategies and challenges to develop the Shatt Al-Arab and marshes”

The first part of the seminar focused on challenges related to the Shatt Al-Arab and discussed possible solutions. Speakers included:
Awn Dhiyab – Transformations in the water environment of the Shatt Al-Arab;
Khayriya Aboud Yaseen – Deterioration in the Shatt Al-Arab;
Dr Badr Al-Badran – Pros and Cons of the proposed dam on the Shatt Al-Arab;
Umran Al-Lamy – Effects of the Arabian Gulf on the Shatt Al-Arab;
Osama Al-Wahily – Hydrologic, geomorphological and sedimentary effects on the Shatt Al-Arab.

The second session focused on strategies, challenges and solutions to developing the Iraqi marshes. Presentations were delivered by the following:
Dr Hamid Ahmed Khalaf – A review of international efforts to revive the marshes of southern Iraq;
Abdul Kadhim – Relationship between the marshes and the Tigris and Euphrates and environmental management;
Hussain Al-Asadi – Revival of the marshes: constraints and solutions;
Osama Abdulmajeed – Construction of low-cost housing in the marshes.
The seminar featured a range of discussions between delegates and a set of recommendations have been published.

Attendess List and Final Report

Seminar's Studies:

    - Speech by Minister of water resources -Download-
    - Mr. Badr Nemaa -Download-
    - Mr. Usama Abdul Majeed Hadi -Downlaod-
    - Mrs. Khaira Abood -Download-
    - Mr. Hazem Al-Dalli -Download-
    - Dr. Mukdad -Download-
    - Mr. Hussain Al-Assadi -Download-

Newspapers Article about the seminar:

    - Al-Mada Newspaper

Useful Report:

    - The present and Future State of Marshes of Southern Iraq by the CANADA-IRAQ Marshland Initiative

The seminar's final recommendations are available in Arabic

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