Raising Human Development Indicators Towards Achieving Political and Economic Stability

The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its monthly seminar  entitled "Raising Human Development Indicators Towards Achieving Political and Economic Stability" at 24th of April, 2010 at Al- Dananeer Hole, Al-Rasheed Hotel.

The Seminar revealed the great significance of giving Indicators for Human Development by the future governmental strategies to achieve political and economical settlement in Iraq. Moreover, it adds to the research of the reasons behind the retardation and decrease of the indicators in comparison with the neighboring countries (as indicated by the UN's (United Nations') reports) considering human development as the first and most important aim for all governments as the base rock of communities' progress rise, believing that the development of the communities is the product of human development. Here comes the significance of these urgent primary indicators in governmental work for the treatment of the previous era's retardation in this field for Iraq after being considered as a developed country at the seventies, witnessing plans of buildings’ structure and development.

Seminar's Studies:

    - Dr. Wafaa Al-Mahdawi -Download- 
    - Dr. Dheya Khadem -Download-

Newspapers Article about the seminar:

      - Radio Sawa
     - وكالة انباء العراق

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