Road map for strategies of supply and demand for water in Iraq up-to 2020

The Iraqi Institute of Economic Reform, IIER, held on Saturday morning 29th May 2010, at the Al-Dewan Hall in the Iraqi Alwiya club, a specialized workshop entitled

Road map for strategies of supply and demand for water in Iraq up-to 2020

Water problem in Iraq is not new, but it becomes more challenges with the growth in the development plans. These problem turned to be carrying three key aspects, first is its linkage to water policy and SIWRM within the Tigris and Euphrates basins. Second is its linkage to the political ties among the riparian which is highly controlled by the natural diversity and physical as well as hydrological changes within the Tigris and Euphrates basins and the  last aspects  is its linkage  to the environmental management within the basins. The continuous  and increasing in the demand for water to meet the population growing and the expansion within all development sectors in Iraq accompanied by continuous and escalating deterioration of the quality of water especially in downstream of the both Tigris and the Euphrates to the south makes it a difficult challenge for the decision makers. Accordingly dozens of problems were raised which   impeded within all development sectors in Iraq. Since the seventies dozens of conferences, workshops, seminars were conducted  and huge amounts of money were spend but the problem become more and more aggravated and its negative impacts  keep escalating to the present day.

The pressure resulting from situations, bring the political and security issues among the riparian in front. To look realistically to Iraq's water supply and water demand situations and how to deal with these severe problems, we have to adopt the IWRM and put more emphases on:

    - Develop all water resources exist in Iraq in various forms and sources.
    - Optimal investment of these resources and serious rationalization of these water resources.
However, the political, natural and administrative management of water resources in the region has a serious effect on the available amount of water and create a dramatic deterioration in their quality which will affected negatively all sectors of development in the region. We need to develop new mechanisms for cooperation between the riparian and appropriate plans should be implemented regionally to over come collectively this situation.
More than 69 scientific, research, academic, experts and decision makers attended the  workshop from the parliament, board of advisers in the pri- minister cabinet, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Planning  and development cooperation’s, Ministry of Industry,  Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of State for Affairs Marshlands, Ministry of Higher Education  and scientific research, Ministry of Water Resources and many civil society organizations. The workshop was covered widely through the media (15 satellite channels, newspapers, magazines and national and international radio stations).

Seminar's Studies:

     - Ministry of Water Resources -Download-
     - Dr. Farouk Abdullah -Download-
     - Dr. Maha Al-Zaydi -Download-
     - Ministry of Agriculture – Dr. Qotabeya -Download-
     - Ministry of Environment – Eng. Jabar -Download-
     - Ministry of Industry –Environment Division -Download-
     - Ministry of Municipalities -Download- 
     - Ministry of Municipalities-Lamya -Download-
     - Ministry of State -Download-

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