Health Status with respect to the Millennium Development Goals & Health System in Iraq

The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held the discussion session entitled (Health Status with respect to the Millennium Development Goals & Health System in Iraq) at the 26th of June, 2010 at the Hamra'a Hole, the Lebanese Club-Baghdad.

To shed the lights on the suffering in Iraq for the last three decades of continues decrease of the health conditions as a result for the wars that Iraq was involved in and the economic sanctions which lasted for twelve years, a matter which leads to a great deterioration in the level of the medicine and health services under the absence of the political will, vision, and strategy to raise this significant and active sector of the whole development system.
Therefore, to put a true assessment based on a dependent statistical record locally and nationally, using health indicators for the developmental goals of the millennium; that was established with the beginning of the twentieth century in the United Nations meeting, which was attended by representatives of all the countries of the world including Iraq. The Iraqi government assigned this agreement as a national obligation to achieve the eight goals, the six aims, and the forty eight indicators that is included in the agreement.
To re-read the reality of the health conditions in Iraq according to the eighteenth indicators that is included in that national agreement, it is certainly clear the existence of a big and serious problem in spite of the great rise of the size of the governmental expenditure on the health sector through the last seven years. To treat and heal this problem it needs all the responsible people and decision makers to reconsider the whole situation of the health conditions in Iraq thoroughly, and professionally in spite of all the trails done in this field and is cleared by the study, which makes it an urgent necessity to establish a professional unit specialized to reform health sector.

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