Realities and Prospects for the Agricultural Sector in Iraq

The Iraqi institute for economic reform has successfully completed a seminar about the realities and prospects of agriculture in Iraq on the 31st of July 2010 and was held in the Lebanese hall in Baghdad
 Many of the major impediments that the agriculture sector in Iraq suffers from and challenges the Iraqi farmer face were discussed including the water shortages because of the policies of Iraq’s neighboring states and the reduction of Iraq’s aquatic share.

Seminar's Studies :-
    - The Strategic Plan and challenges, bases of sustainable agricultural development by Dr. Abdul Hussein Nouri
    - Prospects of development of the agricultural sector by Dr. Hisham Qasem Alsu'oody - Ministry of Planning
    - Results of Saline Water Use in Agriculture by Dr. Kamil Majeed - Ministry of Water Resources
    - The usage of water for agriculture and the performance of irrigation and drainage systems by Dr. Mahmood Salih
    - Recommendations

Articles about the seminar :-
    - Al-Sabah Newspaper
    - AK News
    - Baghdad TV -Website-

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