Technology Transfer in Iraq

On Saturday 23 October 2010 the Iraqi institute for Economic Reform hosted a workshop entitled “Technology Transfer”, held at the Lebanese Club in Baghdad.
Many experts and specialist in the field of technology attended the workshop, led by His Excellency the Minister for Science and technology in Iraq, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources.
Several research work and studies pertaining to transfer of technology in Iraq were presented and discussed. Stressing the importance and contribution it makes to the advancement of science for the country and keeps pace with the technological revolution that taking place in the world today in the field of information transfer and data storage. The studies dealt with ways to promote, develop scientific and technical knowledge in Iraq, reflecting the current economic and scientific reality, and its use in agricultural, industry and even in the field of security.
Seminar's Studies :-
    - Technology Transfer by Dr. Sameer Lilo
    - Liquidation of nuclear facilities by Dr. Imad Shams al-Din, MoST
    - Technology and Development of the agricultural sector by Mr. Hisham Kassem Al-Su'oody
    - Technology Transfer by Dr. Ibrahim, Office of Agricultural Research, MoST
    - Modern technologies and future prospects, Research and Technology Department of Environment and Water
    - The role of substances' chemistry and physics research in Technology Transfer in Iraq by Dr. Tha'ir Al-Zubeidy
    - Technological and industrial business incubators by Mr. Osama Abdul Majeed
    - Enterprise Data by MoST

Articles about the Seminar :-
    - Al-Sabah Journal issue 2104
    - Alfayhaa TV
    - Website of the Ministry of Science and Technology
    - The Independent Press Agency

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