The Challenges Facing the Reconstruction Efforts & the Effectiveness of Managing the Economy 2006-2009

Given the impediments and obstacles both the reconstruction and economic development face in Iraq, the Iraqi institute held a seminar on Saturday 4/12/2010 in the Lebanese hall in Baghdad under the title “the challenges facing the reconstruction efforts and the effectiveness of managing the economy”.
The workshop witnessed a number of ministers, economists, business men, professors, journalists and others to pursue the means of conquering the barriers that is holding back the economic reform and reconstruction.

Seminar's Studies:-
- Review of the Economic progress 2006-2009 in Iraq by Dr. Kamal Al-Basry
- Summary of Seminar's Speaker

Comments and Reviews:-

- Engineer Saad Khalil Khidhir

Article and Newspaper About the Seminar:-
- وكالة انباء الاعلام العراقي

- جريدة المواطن

- جريدة الاسبوعية

- جريدة الرأي

- وكالة الصحافة المستقلة

- شبكة ياعراق الاخبارية

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The challenges facing the reconstruction efforts

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