Transport Sector in Iraq -Reality and Ambition-

On Saturday 18 December 2010, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held its monthly workshop entitled “The Transport Sector in Iraq Reality and Ambition”, at the Lebanese Club in Baghdad. Over 100 people attended the workshop including experts in the field of transport, government officials and influential economist, businessmen, academics and the media. It was agreed that the transport sector currently experiencing huge barriers hindering its progress and this having an adverse impact on Iraq development plan, as well as the pessimistic outlook felt by citizens.  Red tape and government bureaucracy, corruption as well as the lack of knowledge and experience of those employed to manage the sector has created many obstacles to progress. In addition, the inappropriate funding allocation makes it impossible to achieve the aspiration of developing modern  maritime, airways and railways transport system in Iraq.

Seminar's Studies:-

- Achievements of the Ministry of Transportation
- Feasibility study on Al Faw port project as a supporter of the Iraqi economy
- Achievements of the State Company for Maritime Transport 2008-2010
- The impact of the of air transport development on the Iraqi economy
- Port Sector Rahabilitation

Article and Newspaper About the Seminar:-
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- راديو نوا

- اذاعة العراق الحر

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Transport Sector in Iraq

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