The Development of Higher Education in Iraq

On Wednesday 22/12/2010 The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a workshop entitled “the development of higher education in Iraq”. the workshop was held at the institute headquarter.

In attendance were the Advisor to the Ministry of Higher  Education and Scientific Research, representatives from the Prime Minister’s Educational Initiative and the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, the Central Organization for Statistics, the Ministry of Industry, the University of Mesopotamia and the University of Baghdad.

The discussion centred on the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education for the coming years and the plans that has been set for the advancement of the education sector. Also discussed, the formation and membership of the new committee that was responsible for the development of the strategy. The committee membership came from various ministries in order to respond to the current and future need of graduate labour market. The discussion also covered the inputs and outputs of education in Iraq and many other issues concerning the reality of this important sector.

It was agreed to extend the discussion to larger conference to discuss this matter, addressing the fundamental problems that hinders the development of the education sector and to reach solutions.

Workshop Presentations:
    - Educational initiative by Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki
    - The National Strategy for Education in Iraq
    - Workshop Report

Higher Education 1

Higher Education 2

Higher Education 3

Higher Education 4

Higher Education 5

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