Discussion about Draft Federal Budget 2011

The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held a workshop last Saturday, 8 January 2011, to discuss the draft state budget for 2011. In taking this initiative, facilitating the discussion and providing analysis, IIER is keen to assist members of Parliament in speeding up the task of decision making and approval of the budget. As any delay will have significant impact on the economy and will hinder progress and the delivery of aims and objectives of the new government. In addition, having this public discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the new budget will help publicising this information through the media and to citizens, thus contributing to the achievement of budget transparency principles.

The workshop was attended by a number of prominent economist, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mr Ali Al Allaaq, Dr Mehdi  Al Hafedh the former Minister of Planning, Dr Mudher Mohammed Salih Central Bank Advisor and Dr Aamera  Al Beldawi, as well as IIER researchers.

The seminar highlighted and discussed the most prominent area in the budget in 2011, the  expenditure and revenue estimates and whether such estimates are realistic in comparison with the budget for 2010. The dialogue focused on the following themes:

    - Analysis of the operational and investment allocations, the percentages of those allocations and the projected
      shortfall in the budget.
    - Analysis of the policy of government support provided in the budget, and what changes in the style of support.
    - The role of the budget in fulfilling the policy of economic reform pursued by the Government in cooperation with
      international organizations such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
    - The impact of the budget on in raising human development indicators and reduce poverty and improve living
      standards and the elimination of unemployment.
    - The style of support for the productive sectors, manufacturing and agricultural.

Workshop Studies: 

    - Iraqi Institute for Economic Refrom,IIER Study
Dr Mehdi  Al Hafedh, the former Minister of Planning
Dr Mudher Mohammed Salih, Central Bank Advisor
Dr Aamera  Al Beldawi, Economist
Dr Mwaffaq Abbas Shkarra, Economist
Final Recommendations

Newspaper's Article about the workshop: 

    - Al-Sabah Newspaper Issue 2149

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Discussion about draft federal budget 2011

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