Strengthening The Governance in The Province of Thi-Qar

This project aims to increase the skills, Abilities and capacity of employees, to strengthen the governance in the province of Thi-Qar, This is including the held of 27 training course in the fields of: Strategic planning, Project management, Organization PA, Accounting, Computer and English. The project including the preparation and distribution of the training material, Book and required equipment for all trainees in all course through raise the capacity building process to the government entities to create a cooperation and coordination among Thi-Qar governorate, Iraqi Institute of Economic Reform (IIER) and SUDGEST AID

Implementation of Training Course:

The coordination between IIER and SUDGEST AID result in the following:

- Agree a start for the programmes
- Appointed and agreed tasks with district coordinators
- Agreed distribution if workshops as follow: (17 in Thi-Qar, 4 in Suq Shikh, 2 in Chibaesh, 2 in Shatra, 2 in Rifae)
- All programme materials have been prepared
- All supporting materials have been sourced

All of the above has been concluded in partnership between the IIER southern Region team and SUDGEST AID local team

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