Building and International Investment Environment in Basra

18TH - 21ST OF OCTOBER 2010

The following government officials and academics were invited and attended the workshop:

Dr Safaa Aldeen Mohammed Al-Safi, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Acting Minister of Trade.
Dr Shiltagh Aboud, Governor of Basra
Mr Jabbar Ameen Jaber Al-Lattif, Chair of the Basra City Council (was unable to attend due ill health)
Professor Salih Ismial Najim Al-deen, President of the University of Basra
Mr Mahmood Abdul Ameer Hashim Al-Luaibi, Deputy for the General Director, SOC
Dr Mohammed Manuar Abdul Nabi, Department of Electrical Engineering – Basra University
Dr Kamal Al Basri, Iraqi Commercial Attaché in London
Professor Mustafa Al-Shawi,  Associate Dean College of Science and Technology – Salford University.
Dr Adel Al-Yasari, Salford University
Dr Hamid Ahmed, Deputy Chair for PMAC
Mr Ihsan Manwar Al-Abbood, General Directorate of Education-Basra

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The Programme

Due to the economical, political and historical importance of Basra province, and in an attempt to make it a model for other provinces in Iraq, an intense workshop was held at the University of Salford, Manchester (UK). The workshop funded by the British Council aims to establish a “Centre of Excellence for the Built Environment” at the University of Basra in line with Salford's world-class Centre of the Built Environment.

The work shop entitled: “Toward building an International Investment Environment in Basra”.

A number of matters were discussed during the workshop under the following titles:

- Day One: “The challenges facing the reconstruction of Basra Province”.

- Day Two: “How can we reform and improve the performance of the public sector? And, how can we achieve a common vision and strategy for the reconstruction of the City?”

- Day Three: “How can we work together to attract internal and external expertise to accelerate the reconstruction process? And, how transfer of advanced technology can help in this process?”

- Day Four: “What are the required actions to achieve a common vision and strategy? And, what are the requirements to create an attractive environment for investment?”

The workshop was specifically designed to address bureaucracy and the impact of the “Administration Process” which is significantly slowing down economic growth, particularly for the private sector. Emphases was also placed on leadership and performance improvement along with streamlining decision-making process, with respect to the constriction and funding of the public infrastructure projects and the role of international consultants in accelerating the reconstruction process.

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