Custom Tariff Law

On 2 February 2011, the Iraqi institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held  a workshop to discuss the facet of the new  “Custom Tariff Law” ,  which had many criticism from economist and  the business community.  Attended the workshop a number of specialists in this area, including Mr. Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar - the representative of the Department of Customs; Younes Sinjar - private sector; Dr. Muwafaq Abbas Shakara - the Office of Financial Regulation;  Zainab Abdul Razzaq – Civil Society;  Malhan Almkotr -  Member of Parliament,  Agriculture Committee. The meeting was chaired by Professor Alaa Chaloob – Economist  from  IIER.  The discussion centred on main changes in the legislation and highlighted its strength and weakness, and the need to ensure that the views of specialist and experts, in this regard are widely  published in the media.

The  discussion covered the following points:
    - Understanding the Custom Authority view point and the necessity for this new legislation.
    - The importance of the legislation and the timing given Iraq present economic state.
    - Formulation of the recommendations and clarity for its publication in the media.

    - Custom Tariff Law
    - Objectives
    - Final Recommendations

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Custom Tariff Law
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