Reinforcing Infrastructure Development in Iraq

The prioritisation of infrastructure projects and their configuration as attractive public-private partnership opportunities or development bank loan applications was the focus of the second Working Group on Infrastructure Finance in Iraq meeting held on 29-30 April 2010 in Paris.
The meeting was a follow-up to the 17-18 February meeting of the Working Group in Amman, at which participants called on the MENA-OECD Investment Programme to develop a methodology for infrastructure prioritisation and establish a list of priority infrastructure projects attractive to private investors and loan agencies.

The meeting brought together over 50 participants, including top-level representatives of 11 Iraqi government ministries and agencies, major corporate players in the infrastructure field (Ernst & Young, GDF Suez, HSBC), and guarantee agencies (COFACE, MIGA, and OPIC). It featured presentations of potential infrastructure projects by Iraqi ministries, followed by advice from technical experts on how to develop the projects into viable PPP opportunities or institutional finance applications. Discussions were complemented by case studies of successful public-private partnerships and the highlighting of key issues such as integrity in public procurement.

Meeting documentation

    - Agenda (Arabic, English) -Download-
    - Participants list
    - Action Plan for Iraqi Infrastructure Projects (Arabic, English)
    - A Methodology for Infrastructure Prioritisation in Iraq, MENA-OECD Investment Programme

Meeting Presentations

Session 1 – Toward a strategic framework on infrastructure financing

    - Toward a Strategic Framework on Infrastructure Financing
      Key Recommendations to the Government of Iraq, Mr. Alexander Bohmer,
      Head of Unit, MENA-OECD Investment Programme

Session 3 – Basic Requirements for PPPs, Development Bank Loans and Guarantees

    - Requirements for PPP, development bank loans and guarantees, Mr. Louis Bedoucha,
      Senior Business Development Officer, MIGA
    - Basic Requirements for PPPs, Development Bank Loans and Guarantees, Mr. Pierre Sorbets,
      Manager, Public Sector Department, HSBC France

Session 4 – Case Studies of Public-Private Partnerships

    - 2 PPP Case Studies: Concession Arrangement for a Highway and Partnership Contract for a Bypass,
      Ms. Laurence Héron and Mr. Stéphane Manoukian, Senior Managers,
      Transaction Advisory Services - Project Finance, E&Y

Session 5 – Financing Iraqi Infrastructure Projects

    - Discussion of Lenders’ Documentary Requirements for Public-Private Partnership Transactions,
      Mr. James Polan, Vice President, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Session 6 – Integrity Tools for Public-Private Procurement

    - Reinforcing Infrastructure Development in Iraq: Integrity Tools for Public-Private Procurement,
      Ms. Nicola Ehlermann-Cache, Senior Policy Analyst, MENA-OECD Investment Programme

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