Completion of phase II of Al Basrah Training Program

Phase II of the “innovative capacity building programme” aimed to deliver a focused training program design specifically to address the results of the assessment process for the practices and performance, of a Department within the Directorate of the Local Government Contacts with the Governor Office, which has been conducted during the first phase of the programme and discussing ways for improvement. The assessment process, which has been conducted using an international Benchmarking tool named PROBE, revealed number of weaknesses in the current practices and consequently the performance of the Department as compared with the internationally accepted best practices of Public sectors.  

During this phase, and in the presence of the Head of the directorate and Head of Department; two member of staff from the University of Basra (representing both Colleges; Engineering and Management) and one member of the Council, number of the subjects has been discussed direct of relevance to process and performance improvement such as “Improving Business Performance (Public & Private Sectors)”, Change Management, Strategic Planning and Information Technology and Teamwork Practices and Knowledge Management.  

The feedback received from trainees reflected the fact that once employees are exposed to the latest development in management techniques they will act as catalyst for change and improvement. This is a significant finding particularly in difficult circumstances like those in Iraq.

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