Iraq and WTO

On Saturday 2 April 2011, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held a seminar on the Iraq accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the seminar was held at the Lebanese Club in Baghdad.  The seminar was attended by a representative for the Minister of State Saffaa Al-Dean Alsafi , who previously was the Minister of Trade. Also were in attendance, representatives from the various ministries, academics and many other experts in this. A number of research papers on the accession to WTO were presented, the experience of other countries and the importance of Iraq joining WTO and its impact on economic reform.


    - Laheib Toma - Study -Download-
    - Laheib Toma - Presentation -Download-
    - Dr. Mudhaffer Ali - Study -Download-
    - Dr. Mudhaffer Ali - Presentation -Download-
    - Dr. Kamal Al Basri - Study -Download-
    - Dr. Kamal Al Basri - Presentation -Download-
    - Dr. Thuraya - Study -Download-
    - Aycer Yaseen - Study -Download-
    - Sinan Kadhum Al Si'edi - Study -Download-
    - TIJARA - Presentation -Download

Attendees' Comment:

    - Some of Attendees' Comments -Download-
    - Federation of Iraqi Champers of Commerce FICC -Download-

    - Ministry of Trade Comments -Download-
    - Ministry of Planning Comments Download-

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