The Reality of Education and Funding Challenges in Iraq

On Saturday 30th April 2011, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a seminar in Baghdad in the Lebanese Club on the reality of education and funding challenges faced in Iraq.
The seminar provided a platform to explore and build understanding on the current Education Strategy and its role in raising the education standards which would contribute to the economic and social development objectives.
The covered topics were:
    - The reality of education in Iraq in comparison to other countries.
    - The Ministry of Education strategy in Iraq.
    - The mechanism for generating funding for the advancement of education in all its stages.
    - The allocation of funds to address poverty challenges and its effect on low level education indicators.
The comments, observations and ideas proposed in the seminar lead to recommendations emerging to support the development of the education sector in Iraq.

    - Dr. Kamal Al Basri -Presentation- Download
    - Mr. Salah Al Ni'emy -Presentation- Download
    - Dr. Mithal Al Azzawy -Study- Download
    - Ms. Taghreed Barakat -Presentation- Download
    - Dr. Talal Nadhum -Study- Download
    - Dr. Talal Nadhum -Presentation- Download
    - Mr. Ra'ad Khalaf -Study- Download-
    - Culture for All -Presentation- Download

Attendees' Comment:
    - Some of Attendees' Comments -Download-

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    - Al Mada Newspaper

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