Economics of Federalization

The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a discussion panel in the morning of the 24th of September 2011 entitled ‘Economics of Federalization’. The aim of the discussion is to prepare a study to highlight the strength and weaknesses in the application of the federal economy in Iraq.

The following people participated in the discussion:
    - Allaa Challub, Chair
    - Dr Wael Abu Alatif, former Minister
    - Dr Mona Zalzala, former member of parliament
    - Dr Muwaffaq Abbas Shkara, Supreme Auditing Board
    - Dr Thuraya Alkhazraji, Professor in the Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Baghdad
    - Mr Tawfiq Al-Manae, President of theInternational  Consultancy and studies Bureau
    - Mr Fahim Rahman, Businessman
    - Mr Malik Mohammad Kazem, Forum of Civil Dialogue
    - Dr Kamal Al-Bassri, Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform
    - Dr Rasheed Maha Zaidi, Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform
    - Zainab Al Qushtaini, Civil Society Organizations

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