The triangle of Fao is largest investment in Iraq


The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a discussion panel in the morning of the 10th of December 2011 entitled ‘The triangle of  Fao is largest investment in Iraq’. The aim of the discussion is to prepare a study to highlight the strength and weaknesses for this great project.

   The following people participated in the discussion:
    - Allaa Challub, Chair
    - Mr Tawfiq Al-Manae, President of theInternational  Consultancy and studies Bureau
    - Dr Rasheed Maha Zaidi, Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform
    - Mr Fahim Rahman, Businessman
    - Mr Abd al-kareem Obid
    - Admiral Ahmed Hameed Naeam
    - Captian Mazin Daowd Salman
    - Mr Fares Dhafer
    - Mr Yaser Metoali
Mr Ghanim Al-Khiyn
    - Zaineb Al-Mubarek

- Dr Hussien Alawi
    - Mr Mudhar Sebahi
    - Mr Shaker Sebahi
    - Mr Rami Al Araaji
  - Miss Dijla Sharif
To see the gallery please click the picture below:

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