The Banking Reality :The Public and Private sector2012

Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held  a workshop on " Banking Reality the government and private 2012 at 10.00AM  on Saturday 26/05/2012 in the Institute's headquarters in Baghdad and offered a group of research papers on the banking sector and policy reform in the Public sector and private sector and participated in the workshop, Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafiz and a wide range of specialists and chaired the meeting, Mr Amer Jwahri and Mr. Alaa Fahd planned.

    1 - The Requirements of the Development of the Banking Industry in Iraq, Dr. Ahmed BatalTo download the study Click here
    2 - Banking Reform in Iraq, Dr Akram and Mr. Walid Eidi. And to download the study Click here.
    3 - Banking Reform Government ... actually ... the horizon. Mrs. Juman Hassan. To download the study Click here.
    4 - Reform of the Banking system to Dr. Mowaffak Shekara. To download the study Click here

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