The Ministry of Planning : The Economic Strategy for 2013 - 2017

 At the headquarters of the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held Workshop on "The Ministry of Planning: Economic Strategy for the years 2013 - 2017" on the saturday on 09/06/2012 at ten in the morning,Opened the meeting Mr. Manaf Al-Saegh member of the trustees of the Institute and was presented by Mr. Saad Sharif, Director General of Economic Policy and Finance / Ministry of Planning, National Development Plan for the years 2013 - 2017 proposed, as presented by Mr. Faleh Hussein Alwan, director of private sector development, some indicators the Iraqi economy and rates of completion of projects.
Participated in the workshop (in order of session)
   1-Saad Sherif YehiaDirector General of Economic and Financial Policies / Ministry of Planning
   2-Obeid FreehDeputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers
   3-Faleh Hassan AlwanDirector of Private Sector Development / Ministry of Planning
   4-Qais Ali HussainDirector of economic policy / Ministry of Planning
   5-Jacob Joseph ShoniaEconomic Advisor
   6-Adil Saleem Checker / Baghdad Provincial Council
   7-Salam Ahmed Abdul Razak /Baghdad Provincial Council \ Financial and Economic Committee
   8-Adel al-Lami /Trabat project / USAID
   9-Younis Sinjari /Board Member of the Federation of Businessmen
  10-Dr. Muwaffaq Abbas shekara /Office of Financial Supervision
  11-Bassem Jamil Anton /Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Businessmen Union
  12-Amer Issa Al-Jewahri /Consultant in the industry and investment
  13-Mustafa Ahmed al-Sheikh /Adviser / bank of Al-Rafideen
  14-Ali al-Husseini /USAID / Program Director of Commerce
  15-Dr. Fawzia Al-Attiyah University professor / Sociology University of Baghdad
  16-Abdul Jalil Hammadi /Consultant in the oil and gas parliamentary
  17-Ala Fahed /Economic Researcher / General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
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