Impact of Political Process on Economic Development in Iraq during 2005-2012

The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held workshop on " Impact of Political Process on Economic Development in  Iraq during 2005-2012 " on Saturday 23/6/2012 at ten in the morning, and the session was chaired by Mr. Adel Al-Lami and the meeting was attended by members of the Iraqi parliament and former ministers,and experts in the economic and the private sector and representatives of Iraqi civil society organizations and international organizations and has covered the session by the press and the Iraqi media. and participants discussed the impact of the political process in Iraq on the performance of the Iraqi economy and the role they play in the economic situation and economic strategy in Iraq and in the names of attendees below:.

1. Dr. Abdul Samad Sultan/Former Minister

Dr. Amira Baldawi /Former member of parliament / civil society organization

3. Dr. Wael Abdul Latif/Former member of parliament
Mr. Amer Abdul Jabbar Ismail/Former minister

5. Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafiz/President of the Institute of progress and a former Minister
Mr. Raed Fahmi/Former Minister
Dr. Kamal Al-Basri/Chairman of the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform
Dr. Ahmed Abreha/Expert Economist

9. Bassem Jamil Anton/Iraqi Businessmen Union
10. Amer Issa Al-Jawheri/Consultant in the industry and investment
11. Ali Abdul Amir/Institute for the progress of the development policies
12. Dr. Ali Anbure/President of Assembly  Iraq 2020
Aqeel Abdul Razak Otra/Board Member of the Federation of Industries / Vice President of the industrial assembly
14. Naeem Said Rashid/Judicial expert in the field of banking
Saeed Abdul Jalil Hammadi/Consultant / expert media oil / civil society 
16.Dr. Jamil Kazim/Head of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

17. Mr. Laheb Micah Thomas/Professor / Economics
Raja Salem/Director of the Iraqi Media Network
19. Abdulaziz Hassoun/Association of Iraqi banks
20. Sami Saleh Al-Dhamin/Association of Iraqi banks  

21. Omar Nasser/Teaching at the University of Baghdad 
Dr. Ahmed Hussein Batal/Teaching Anbar University 

Adel Al-Lami/Project Trabat

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