The conference of the oil industry in Iraq: The challenges in 2012

On September 15, 2012, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held a seminar in Baghdad, entitled “The Oil Industry in Iraq: the Challenges in 2012”. A number of prominent speakers headed by His Excellency Abd Al- Karim Luaybi – Minister of Oil, Dr Ibrahim Bahr Al Ulloum – the former minister of oil, Mr Ra’ad Fehmi – the former minister of Science and Technology, Mr Amer Abd Aljabar –former minister of Transport, as well as many other experts and specialists. A number of research papers presented and were discussed centred on the following topics:

    First: The role of oil in achieving national unity and sovereignty;
    Second: The management of oil resources in the constitution;
    Third: Assessment of current oil contracts;
    Fourth: Comments on the draft law of oil and gas.

Conference speakers were:

    1.His Excellency the Minister of Oil, Abd Al- Karim see the Minister's speech click here

    2.Dr Ibrahim Bahr Al Ulloum, former Minister of Oil. to see the former Minister's speech click here
    3.Dr Falah Al-Ameri – Director General of SOMO, for a copy, click here
    4.Dr Mehdi Al- izzi, for a copy click here
    5.Hamza Al Aljawahri
    6.Dr Mu ‘aid Al –Izzi, for a copy click here
    7.Mr. Allaa Al- Asadi, for a copy click here
    8.Mr. Hussain M. Al –Mehidi, for a copy click here
    9.Uday Abd Al-Hamead Hussain, for a copy click here
    10.Hussain Alawy, for a copy click here

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