Review Iraqi Economic Performance Assessment for the Period 2005 - 2012

On 22 December 2012 the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held a seminar at the Sheraton Ishtar Hotel in Bagdad, to discuss and evaluate the performance of Iraq economy during the 2005 -2012. In attendance were former ministers, Members of Parliament, government officials, representative from the private sector and academics. The seminar was chaired by Dr Mehdi Alhafidh (former Minister of Planning)
Dr. Alhafidh opened the session by presenting a summary assessment of current status of Iraq economy and the urgent need for diversifying the economy and moving away from its heavily reliance on oil revenue.  The first guest speaker was Mr. Thamer Ghadhban (Head of PM Advisory Bureau) gave details on all the aspects of government Economic Reform Policy for the years 2005 -2012 and government attempt to stimulate the private sector and the urgent need for regulatory reform.  Dr Kamal Al Basri, then, presented his paper on the current status of Iraq economy and the challenges ahead .  Followed by Dr Thamer Aluqaili (International Oil Industry expert) who gave a presentation on performance of the oil industry in Iraq.

The speakers stressed the urgent need for moving away from oil based economy policy and to implement the government Economic Reform Policy and to encourage the development of the private sector, increase employment opportunities and the elimination of corruption; introduce the Excise duty law; and protect public fund by publishing the Audited Accounts in compliance with Iraq Constitution.

For further information on speakers papers:

Dr. Thamer Alghadhban, speech please click here
Dr Kamal Albasri, speech please click here
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Dr. Thamer Aluqaili,study please
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