The Federal Budget 2013 WorkShop

The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held a workshop under the title “The Federal Budget 2013” on Saturday the 19th of January 2013. Among the attendees were a number of experts, specialists from the legislative and executive sectors, and representatives from the private sector and NGOs. Media coverage was also present including various TV channels and local press.
The objective of the workshop was to review and analyse the budget process of 2013 for what impact it has on the citizens and the economic progress in general in Iraq. The discussion was about:
•    The Federal Budget 2013 under the shadow of the Financial Administration Act, the Budget Process and other solutions
•    The efficiency of allocating the Supplementary Budget
•    Analysis of the Budget Proposal as opposed to the previous years
•    The potential of the Federal Budget to augment the Human Development Index or to  meet the objectives of the Third Millennium
•    The tendency of the Federal Budget to finance economic reform programes
•    The role of the Federal Budget in private sector development
•    Assessment of the subsidisation regarding the Agriculture Initiative Project
•    Federal Budget impact on poverty and unemployment
•    The efficacy of the budget allocated to support the general services
•    Assessment of the budget allocated to deal with the foreign affairs
•    The capacity of subsidisation
•    The education allocation in the Federal Budget and Human Development Index augmentation
•    Assessment of the budget allocated to ministries
•    The budget allocated to resolve water problems

Mr Ra’id Fahmy, former minister of science and technology, directed the discussion in which a number of studies were presented:

•    A study by Dr Kamal Al Basri, presented by Dr Ahmed Al Husseiny. To download please click here
•    A study by Mr Amir Al Jawahiry. To download please click here
•    A study by Dr Muwaffaq A Shkara. To download please click here
•    A study by Mr Munqith Al Bakir presented by Mr Ra’ad Shawqi Mansoor. To download please click here
•    To download the final recommendations please click here .

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