Participation Between Private sector and Public Sector and the Importance of Iraq's Entry to the World Trade Organization

In cooperation with Friedrich Nauman Foundation, the Iraqi Institute for economic reform held two workshops to discuss the challenges of implementing Public, Private Partnership (PPP) and the Importance of Iraq's Entry to the World Trade Organization(WTO). The workshops were held on Friday and Saturday, August 23 to 24, 2013 , in Erbil, Iraq and it was attended by representatives from the legislative and executive of the Provincial Councils of Kurdistan region , representative of other Govern ants, experts and academics. The workshop also learned from Turkey’s experience in the areas of use of PPP, in the field of health reform, banking and attracting foreign investments. The seminar concluded with a set of recommendations which will be shared with members of parliaments and government officials
Study papers presented at the symposium by the following speakers:
• Dr. Zuhair al - Hassani to download the paper
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• Dr. Hussein Alkrtani the paper to download
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• Dr. Majid AlSouri  to download the paper
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• Prof. Saad al - Baqir download paper Click here
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