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                                Dr. Salahal Nuaimy Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research advisor
                                Dr. Ali Allawi (the former Minister of Finance, Trade & Defence) Iraq Budget 2013:
                                James D. Savage
                                USAID-IRAQ cooperation
                                About IIER team & SENSE Training:
                                Ramses Vargas
                                About IIER team & SENSE Training:
                                BAYANI V. MANGIBIN,
                                Mrs Hanna Bek Murad, Advisor in the Presidency Office
                                What is your opinion of supporting the Education sector in Iraq by allocating monthly salary to paid to the students who their the ages under eighteen ?
                                There is no doubt that we need the skills and experience of Iraqi citizens who are currently abroad. If the Iraqi Government establishes a special organization / unit to attract specialists Expatriate, are you in favor of this initiative?
                                Do you think that the political system in Iraq has contributed to poor economic performance?

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