Testimonial (USAID-IRAQ cooperation)

USAID-IRAQ cooperation
The Iraq Institute for Economic Reform is a pillar and pioneer among Iraqi civil societies in the area of socio-economic development. The academic papers your Institute has produced are first class researches. As we embark on our new project of public policy development and its corollary the reform of Iraqi laws, regulations, and decrees to improve the socio-economic climate in the nation, we would like to include your participation as a valuable and critical player of the private sector stakeholders. I hope you will accept to join us as we implement our tasks. … In fact, IIER is one of the few and rare THINK TANKS in Iraq, at this juncture of time. All efforts should be made by the government and other entities to preserve and support your work and see to it that you remain financially viable.
Auther : Ambassador Joseph Ghougassian, PhD., JD. USAID/Tarabot – National Policy Management
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