Testimonial (James D. Savage)

James D. Savage
During my research I came across the IIER. The IIER is an indigenous Iraqi organization that was formed in 2004 to serve as a think tank and forum where Iraqis could analyze and discuss the direction of their economic and budgetary policies. After reviewing IIER’s policy goals of promoting a modern, market economy, examining the makeup of some of its conferences, and reading some of its material, it can be said that promotes the rule of law, good governance reduced corruption, and better budgetary to provide essential services. IIER is playing a critical role in improving Iraqi budgetary transparency and encouraging compliance with international best practices in public finance. All of this supports U.S. reconstruction and counter-insurgency efforts, the reduction of violence, and long-term good relations with Iraq
Auther : James D. Savage Professor, University of Virginia, Department of Politics
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